Patrick Long: Changes

The Only Constant is Change

Traveling to and through Horseshoe Canyon has made me more of aware of this, the only constant is change.  Before this course, we were all in different cities.  We were doing different things, studying different subjects, and living different lives.  Then there was a change.  We all stopped or finished what we were doing in our own time and place, and traveled to Green River to meet one another and start a course.

We all made the change from our own personal lives and joined together.  To be in the same place, doing the same thing, and studying the same material. These changes are happening all the time always creating new scenarios.  At some point we all made choices that eventually led us to be here together, and these changes will continue and bring us wherever we end up.  These changes are constant, happening all around us making the future into whatever it will become.

These magnificent lands that we are now together in are also subject to this constant state of change.  These canyons have not always been this way; they are actually changing as we speak. This area has experienced everything from marine water environments to the dry arid sands that we see today.  Some changes are major and happen fast, some occur over millions of years.  While we walk these canyons, wind brushes grains off the walls and deposits them elsewhere, slowly changing the shape of the land at a seemingly undetectable rate.  Other things are a bit more noticeable.

Like when a section of wall falls to the floor as we walk by, leaving a pile of rubble the size of a small couch at our feel.

Or when flowers and budding trees jump out at us on with their color, after being dry and dull just a week before when we walked in.

These changes, big or small, are what have made this canyon what it is today.  It has never been this way before, and will never be again.