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Check out Fresh from the Field for posts from current WRFI students, updates on WRFI partner organizations/guest speakers and WRFI topics in the news. Click The WRFI Community for alumni, speaker and issue updates. We update the Opportunities section of the blog with various jobs listings and programs that we assume will interest our audience. And, browse categories based on year and course, search for a student’s name, or take an un-mapped adventure across the blog to learn more about the Wild Rockies Field Institute. For more information on courses, scholarships and the application process, visit our website, www.wrfi.net.

About WRFI

WRFI /wer’fee/ n. & adj. L20. n.

1. Acronym and nickname for the Wild Rockies Field Institute 2. An independent, nonprofit educational organization that offers affordable, high quality, academically rigorous field courses in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in North America. adj. 3. Characterized by a unique combination of fun, rigor, excellence, adventure, participation, value, team spirit, integrity, responsibility, critical thinking and wildness.

WRFI’s Courses – Want the Colorado Plateau or the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Canada to be your classroom? Learn more about WRFI’s courses here.

Contact WRFI – WRFI’s full time office staff welcomes any questions, concerns or comments you might have. Contact us by phone at 406.549.4336 or e-mail at wrfi@wrfi.net. In Missoula? Swing by the office and say hello! We are located at 330 E. Main St.


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